The Outstanding Mastery Guides (OMG) are a new way for your students

to create and use graphic organizers in your classroom.  Unlike traditional graphic organizers that cram information into a composition or spiral notebook, our Outstanding Mastery Guides fit a whole year's curriculum 

into a simple 3 pronged pocket folder - that can be created with very little 

out of pocket expense or preparation. The OMG serves as a visual reference that students keep in their notebooks and use in class or 

at home when completing homework, studying, or reviewing spiraling material.

Each of our guides is packed with creative folded graphic organizers that contain steps and examples for each key concept throughout the year. All of our products contain differentiated graphic organizer templates that can be reproduced for your students to create.  In addition, key concepts are aligned to standards and include a section where students can record vocabulary terms and examples as they are introduced in the classroom. With "how to" video tutorials, and suggested layouts implementing an OMG is easy to setup and use in your class. 

Outstanding Mastery Guides are available in an easy to use web application and web application/book combo for Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies.  Click on the subject area above (or from the navigation menu at the top of this page) for a complete list and description of all our products.